Wealth Management Companies: Get Multiple-Entity & Real-Time Consolidated Data to Maximize Profits & Accelerate Decision Making

[ The Problem ]

Keeping up with the data of multiple entities, relying on manual consolidation of reports, and numerous inter-office transactions easily converts to 10’s of hours of lost time and inaccurate reporting of your Fund's performance.

You find yourself unable to normalize your data or compare multiple companies side by side. With these inefficiencies of financial reporting combined with the inability to consolidate and view assets allocated congruently and without real-time access to the numbers, you are continually chasing data. By the time you get what you need, it's six months too late.

With a deeper dive, how many of the following abilities does your current financial solution provide you and your investors?

  • A System That Easily Tracks Unique Data from Every Entity And Group
  • Consolidation of Reporting for Multiple Entities
  • Offers a Transparent Operation With Real-Time Data
  • Combines and Analyzes Data with Accuracy
  • Provides Your Investors and Stakeholders with Minority and Majority Ownership Views
  • Tracks the Legal Structure And Flexible Reports Across All Legal Structures

Your Situation

As as a stakeholder trying to do all this reporting manually or in some other archaic way you become severely limited. This limitation critically affects your capacity to manage, strategize and offering decision-making client counsel for the next financial investment or for correcting those assets already in your portfolio.

Your focus is to invest funds from investors, run the operations, and watch the performance of multi-entity type businesses so you can counsel well. Without the right tools, you are left chasing data you may never find causing you to lose time and visibility to essential data.

[ Your Solution ]

THE MOST IMPORTANT MEASUREMENT for your Wealth Management Company is Easy Consolidation and Visibility of Multi-Entities by Fund, Performance, & Investors.

With Trusted CFO Solutions you’ll work with a team of professionals who have led companies for decades. You’ll gain cloud-based secure data, protected by world-class data centers. You get back management, strategy, and decision-making time to do what you do best, counsel your clients.

We know possessing the capacity to transfer investors and the ownership of the entities is a unique scenario of your Wealth Management Company. Even during due diligence, you can have the flexibility to move assets in and out of businesses and make it congruent across all entities so you can combine them or analyze a project separately.

Sage Intacct provides an easy way for your Wealth Management Company to consolidate and compare multiple entities with access to all information of investments, assets and contracts from any location at any time that you can connect to the internet.

Having multiple entities in your Company no longer means you have to chase data continuously. With Sage Intacct, you gain real-time access to the data, the capacity to present that data to the stakeholders, and a consolidated or grouped view of which assets you need to combine and analyze.

The Time & Money Saved Is REAL! Just Ask Linda.

Instead of Taking TWO Weeks For Entering, Cutting, & Sending 3,000 Checks Linda & Her Team Now Resolve It In ONE Day

“I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful! They help me understand what we’re trying to do. Anytime I have a question, if they don’t know, they will get that information for me.” - Linda MCcue

Would you like this type of time saving control & visibilities over your business portfolio?

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