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Financial System Implementation: What To Expect From Our Transformative Process

What does implementation handled for you look like?

Trusted CFO Solutions wants help business owners and their teams get to the next level. We understand you don’t have the time to learn when you’re overwhelmed with all that needs doing. We’ll translate what you need to know and teach from the top down.

The team subsequently repeats behaviors throughout the organization as they get the inefficient work off of them.

It is hard to transition from an archaic process to a streamlined and semi-automatic one, Trusted CFO Solutions is an excellent partner to help with your transition.

We do the implementation and handle everything for the first few months of transition. We focus and knock out one thing at a time. Not everything that needs doing must be done at once. Implementation evolves from a static sequence of actions into our strategy of continuous improvement over the subsequent twelve months.

In the Project Planning part of the Implementation Phase, we help you determine what your goals are, how to reach them most effectively and what tools will best help get you there.

Next, we Prioritize Goals. Taking this step makes sure we are working in the right order to make your business as high-performing as possible. Sometimes a small step, in the beginning, can lead to big changes right away.

Then, we help you Take Action and put your new business plan into place; using the right tools to help you meet your prioritized goals.

Companies can’t just add a new software system or set of processes. On their own, they won’t fix it. The system transition requires culture and philosophic transformation. To address this, we slowly implement change management strategies, leveraging automation to get time back, and this new capacity allows time for analyzing data for effective business growth.

Your Rollout Timeline Expectations

Month one is where we focus on replacing your general ledger. Expect this month to be hard and frustrating. There are numerous surfaced questions and confusion that were never addressed but should have been, and the learning curve kicks in. This change is hard, but the treasure on the other side is well worth the struggle for each individual and the company.

Month two, we’ll have all the structures, and new data from new transactions flowing. We’re able to see things and restructure it further. You can expect to see a glimpse of what you expected from the beginning. This glimpse will grow as the seeds are planted and you begin to see how this could all work together.

By month three, we’re focused on improving reporting, analysis, and drill down capabilities. It’s at month three when the lightbulb goes off and you realize the plan coming together. This exciting moment is when it comes alive and your entire perspective flips.

You’ll likely say, “I don’t know how I ever lived without this!” This new paradigm is now your best friend.

This client success story happens every time we implement, and it should be your story.

Transition From Implementation To Ongoing Support

Trusted CFO Solutions transforms all of your accounting operations and all of your business reporting. We teach how to look at things more precisely and how to find insights. We restate and re-digest it all. You can expect it will take six months to arrive at this state of system mastery where our role shifts from carrying the large burden to acting as your ongoing guide.

This place of empowerment is where we want to take each and every one of our customers. If you are experiencing growth in your company and doing the financial management internally and by yourself, stop and let Trusted CFO Solutions manage it using Sage Intacct. Let us know when you’re ready to explore it further, and we’ll begin mapping out the positive transformation for your business today!


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