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What Financial Challenges
Is Your Business Facing?

  • Is the data you’re making decisions from lacking or non-existent?
  • Are you worn out from managing finances on your own?
  • Have you outgrown Quickbooks?
  • Are you interested in automating manual tasks?
  • Would you like full financial visibility & better reporting?
  • Would you like to access this data from multiple locations?
  • Do you have business solutions for complex finance issues?

Run Your Company With Real-time Actionable Insights,
And Move Your Business Forward.

Accounting firm business models are shifting from traditional to digital. With an increased demand for digital organizations, Trusted CFO Solutions can intelligently take your company through the transition using the World’s #1 CRM software.

We build or augment a thriving financial department within your business.
You receive a higher performing (lower cost) financial team and virtual CFO.

But, don't just take our word for it.
Explore what others say about Trusted CFO Solutions.

Customer Transformation Stories

"Trusted CFO Solutions is the gold standard of a client accounting services practice."
- Bill Reeb, Vice Chair of AICPA

Affairs to Remember Streamlined Their Business By Optimizing & Outsourcing Their Complicated Financial Management System

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Instead of Taking TWO Weeks For Entering, Cutting, & Sending 3,000 Checks Linda & Her Team Now Resolve It In ONE Day!

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Make Financial Management Of A Ten-Entity Business Easy with Sage Intacct and Trusted CFO Solutions

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Stars And Strikes Survives The Challenge Of Change And Saves Time And Money!

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Here's how we help you find money, recover time, and get decision guidance.

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Assess & Design

First, we'll evaluate your current context and create an implementation plan. We'll evaluate what you are doing against what we'll be doing together including your current financial management software.


Implementation is where we transition away from you running your financial department internally to virtually operating it through us (fully or augmented).
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After we've transitioned, we'll leverage cloud-based tools to maintain your back-office accounting and act as your CFO, virtually.

You get the performance you're looking for without the headache of managing it.
Plus, it costs you less time and money than doing it all yourself!

And, you can bring your data with you. Click here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared To Hiring In-House, Why Would We Use Your Services?

We work with a number of clients in this industry, which means we are exposed to many different situations and help our clients with a wide range of matters each day. That gives us an edge over someone you might hire internally, as we can see what is working well for companies in this industry, how companies are dealing with economic and other challenges most effectively, what technology solutions and workflow processes have really moved the company forward, etc. We also have a wide range of resources within our firm and through our professional relationships that you may not have with someone in-house. Finally, we are required to (and are committed to as a firm) staying current in the profession by meeting minimum continuing education requirements each year, we attend a range of industry and professional conferences, etc. and we interact with other professionals servicing similar clients.

All of these things combined make us a much more powerful resource than most in-house staff you could hire. In order to hire the high level of expertise you are seeking, many companies feel that they must hire a full-time person. This can be extremely costly or even beyond what your company can afford. So, you may hire someone with a lower skill-set and cost than you actually need, or avoid hiring anyone at all. By retaining our firm we can actually give you access to all layers of accounting staff, in a scalable way, so that you have exactly the mix of expertise you need each step of the way.

In Our First Meeting, Will We Receive A Quote For Services?

We would be happy to talk with you about the process we use for providing a quote to you for our services. Our firm is different in a lot of very positive ways, even in the way you’ll find we begin our relationship with you. We have found that our clients prefer a fixed-fee billing structure that gives you the comfort of knowing you are paying for the value that you receive from us vs. the hours that we incur. In order to give you an accurate quote for these services and ensure that the relationship is the right fit for both of us, we begin the process with a Client Needs Assessment. We would need to ask a few questions to get the process started.

What Is The Benefit To Walking Through Your Process Before We Decide To Work Together?

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on the wrong types of technology solutions, staffing expertise and other resources because they are simply not sure how to streamline workflow and internal processes within the company, hire the right accounting team needed based on the tasks involved, and do not have an adequate blueprint in place that clarifies their needs. By gathering this information with you as part of a one- time project we’ll complete before discussing a longer-term relationship, there are several benefits for you:

You get to “try us out,” as most employers wish they could do with a new hire, and we get to know you as well. We are both seeking the “right fit” long term relationship, so this is an excellent way for us to learn more about your company, your needs, and how we can help you achieve your goals. You are then receiving an incredible deliverable from us right from the start of the engagement. In most cases you could spend weeks or months and many thousands of dollars before you know whether you’ve retained the right firm or new hire. We give you something tangible right from the beginning, and set the right tone for a successful long-term relationship.

Most of our clients tell us that this step is one key experience they feel sets us apart from any professional service relationship they have had, and provides them with a huge sense of excitement and relief that they have finally found the support system they need to move forward.

If for any reason you do not opt to retain us as your accounting and advisory services provider, or if during this process we determine we are not the right solution provider for you, the Client Needs Assessment Report is yours to keep. In that event you will find this to be an irreplaceable asset you can use to implement the right mix of solutions for your business.

We've Used QuickBooks & Paid Bills By Check For Ages. Why Should We Change?

Benefits of moving to Intacct, Bill.com, and other cloud-based platforms include:

  • a. Dashboard
  • b. Paperless, integrated environment
  • c. Anytime, anywhere access
  • d. Data security and redundancy
  • e. Ability to set granular user permissions
  • f. Advanced reporting capabilities
  • g. Reduced IT equipment and support costs
  • h. Interact seamlessly within the company and with our firm

Will You Participate In Our Board Meetings?

Yes. We can be available to attend Board Meetings, either on-site or remotely.

What Happens To Our Data If We Decide To Part Ways Or You Go Out Of Business?

If the client and firm relationship ends, what happens to the client’s data?

  • a. The solutions we use with you are not proprietary. If your relationship with us changes you would be responsible for the cost of the solutions, but you have the option to continue the relationship(s) directly with the 3rd party vendor.
  • b. In our Engagement Letter with you we’ve carefully outlined this agreement.
  • c. If you opt not to continue the relationship within the timing specific in the engagement letter your access to the system would be terminated. Your ability to access archived information will depend on the 3rd party provider

How Can I Know My Data Is Secure?

Just as you are a specialist in your industry, the solution providers we work with are experts and specialists in theirs. When you are forced to invest in servers, backup systems, etc., that can be very costly and far from fool-proof.

We have clients that make daily back-up tapes of their servers, for example, but then may leave those on a shelf in the office where they have a risk of fire, flood, etc. Loss of access to your information in the event of a power outage in your office could be significant. These are just a few of the risks you incur, that are greatly reduced when you work with these leading web-based solutions.

Next Steps

Let's discuss getting started with the assessment phase. The good news about the assessment is it allows us to get to know each other. If you find we're not a good fit, you can choose not to implement!

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