Leverage Real-Time Reporting & Easily Manage Multiple Business Entities

Sage Intacct: Accounting Financial Management Software

As a fast-growing small business, you may need to replace your entry-level accounting solution like QuickBooks. Or, maybe you are an established mid-size or larger company that wants to scale but uses an outdated on-premises system. Sage Intacct is built for financial professionals by financial professionals and could be the best choice for your business.

Sage Intacct, rated #1 in customer satisfaction, a solution that supports virtually any business formation and is designed to transform the way you think and work so your organization can thrive.

Learn more below about Sage Intacct, the tool that outshines other market solutions.

Multi-Entity Consolidations

For Complex Global Financials

Leverage multi-entity, multi-currency global consolidation accounting for your business portfolio.

Multi-Dimensional Chart of Accounts

Saves Time & Boosts Efficiency

Sage Intacct’s dimensions foundation offers a simple way to track and report on each of your entities.

Real-Time Dashboard Analytics

Instant Shared Access Across Entities

Leverage real-time performance visibility into each of your firm’s businesses. Save 40+ hours per month and cut data confirmation by 75%.

Collaborative Compliance

GAAP + Front-To-Back Audit Trails

Don’t leave your successful companies vulnerable to audits. Use a system the logs what’s happened.

Accounting Partner or Technology Support?

Two Ways We Work With Our Clients

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Outsource Your Accounting

Sage Intacct Accounting Partner (SIAP)

In this engagement type, we provide outsourced accounting services using the Sage Intacct system. If you don’t have an internal accounting department or want to redirect your existing staff towards more strategic aims, this is the ideal pathway forward.

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Leverage Sage Intacct Internally

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

In this arrangement, we implement and support your Sage Intacct technology needs. If you have an existing and strong accounting department, VAR is the ideal path forward. Together, we’ll work to optimize your processes and fully tap into the power of Sage Intacct internally.

Upcoming Sage Intacct Webinar Events

Date & TimeEvent NameLink
Interactive Demo Plus Live Q&A
September 21st / 2:00 PM ET
Beyond the Hype: Learn How AI is Already Transforming Financial Management
Sage Intacct

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Atlanta Classical Academy: Another Successful Platform Transition

Trusted CFO Solutions is proud to announce that our client Atlanta Classical Academy (ACA) has successfully transitioned to Sage Intacct.
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Trusted CFO Solutions specializes in working with restaurant groups. One of our wonderful clients, Succulent Hospitality, shares below about their experience working with us and how that’s helped them strengthen and grow their business. …
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Sage Intacct interviewed our client Tan Tam, the VP of accounting for RESICAP, a single source real estate company that helps property owners buy, renovate, sell, and lease single-family homes. Tan shared, in the following video, RESICAP…
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Client Interview: Stars And Strikes Survives The Challenge Of Chang…

When we sat down to talk with Debby Ritnour, the second employee at 14-year-old Stars and Strikes, and Controller of thirteen locations, she didn’t hesitate to tell us how monumental a task it was for she and her team to make…
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After 40 years of operating a highly profitable operation, the Affairs to Remember team partnered with Trusted CFO Solutions (TCFOS), virtually outsourcing and utilizing our financial management solution. Recently, we spok…
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Instead of Taking TWO Weeks For Entering, Cutting, & Sending 3…

“I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful! They help me understand what we’re trying to do. Anytime I have a question, if they don’t know, they will get that information for me.”

When You Are Outgrowing QuickBooks Sage Intacct Is The Best Solution

In 2015 Creative Approach’s President and Co-Founder, Cale Kell realized their manual way of managing their finances on Excel spreadsheets was not going to work. With the 4x growth their company had experienced, they needed a better way….

Sage Intacct Is The Best Solution When You Are Outgrowing QuickBooks

CEO Mark Hornbuckle started HB Next, a Safety & Environmental Compliance Services company, in 1999 using Quickbooks for their financial management. An unusual CEO, Mark, was also the one in control of the books and financial reportin…
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Why Does Trusted CFO Solutions Choose Sage Intacct?

September 12, 2013
As experienced CPAs and business advisors, we at Trusted CFO Solutions have vast expertise in over twenty-five accounting programs. …

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