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[ The Problem ]

As a Franchiser of five, ten or more locations you may be coping with the challenge of operating and managing the numbers well at each site. Many franchisors have found that as they want to increase revenue, their capacity for growth can be limited.

How well does your current financial solution serve you and your franchise team in the following ?

  • Easily consolidate 100’s of entities?
  • View multiple entities and databases?
  • Make store by store comparisons on performance?
  • Create benchmarks from your top performing stores to increase the numbers on your lower performing stores?
  • Track why certain business decisions occur?

Your Net Result

You spend too much time deciphering and consolidating multiple reports from Excel spreadsheets, your books don't close on time, you send them off to make a lot of adjustments without the details in the numbers and you don't do an inventory count. You treat your accounting like a checkbook. If there is money in the bank, then all is good, if there's not, it’s not good. You are left without order or capacity to see your numbers and that limits your growth.

[ Your Solution ]

Sage Intacct ERP is structured to work well with multi-location franchisers.

We show you how to get the numbers you're getting at your best performing stores, and how you create benchmarks to improve performance at the worst performing stores. We determine the demographics of the best stores and apply it to all the others to get them to that standard. You are left to invest your time offering input and guidance to your franchise team on how to perform better. We do it in a consolidated way with everything at your fingertips, instead of having to pile all the numbers together.

One of our clients was spending four hours per day running store-by-store reports for thirteen locations. By implementing Sage Intacct, we allowed her to do the same task in 45 minutes empowering her to spend more time improving systems. We are giving our clients their time back, and we want this for you!

Our Vision For Your Business

The goals listed below paint our vision for your franchise operation. If you agree with our proposed destination, Trusted CFO Solutions and Sage Intacct are a solution worth exploring.

  • Maximize efficiency and visibility across multiple locations
  • Get a view of financial performance for each franchise location, and then easily roll up to a consolidated view.
  • Everyone can be on the same page with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access to real-time information.
  • See Your Business Information Your Way.
  • Sage Intacct is the franchise management software solution that gives you a full view of your entire business, as well as your individual franchises or locations.
  • Efficiently Manage Complex Financial Structures.
  • Perform real-time consolidations quickly and easily, saving time by automating inter-entity consolidations and eliminations.
  • Increase Productivity with A Cloud Solution.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and grow your business with confidence, knowing Sage Intacct works seamlessly with almost any application you're using now or considering in the future. Boost efficiency and collaboration even more by giving your franchise teams 24/7 access to the same cloud-based financial management system.

With Sage Intacct You Can

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets
  • Improve reporting and quickly create the customized reports needed
  • Manage multiple entities within one system
  • Gain access, anytime, anywhere for any location
  • Use any web browser to get the data you need - any place, any time, on any device
  • Easily manage multiple entities, no matter where they’re located
  • Increase productivity
  • Automate, control and streamline process with use defined workflows
  • Grow your business
  • Use the cloud to get the scalability you need for your high-volume, high-transaction business
  • Ensure compliance and auditability with Sage Intacct’s robust financial controls
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