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We would like to introduce you to the Trusted CFO Solutions “TCFOS” leadership team who is working with our clients to navigate the challenges in applying for, receiving and subsequent reporting of SBA disaster funds.

Trusted CFO Solutions Team

The 5 Step Process

TCFOS has a 5-step process to provide assistance, even if you have already submitted an application to your bank or other financial lender. This process consists of:

  • Step 1: Provide your contact information below so that TCFOS can contact you for a free consultation
  • Step 2: Schedule Free Consultation
  • Step 3: After your consultation, determine if one of the three service options TCFOS is offering is appropriate for your needs
  • Step 4: Submit your documentation via their secure portal
  • Step 5: TCFOS takes control and submits (if applicable) and monitors your application

As TCFOS is monitoring the current developments in disaster aid and working with numerous clients and banks, they are in a unique position to assist clients in the submission and monitoring of applications.

Ready To Get Started?

To begin the process, enter your information below and a TCFOS representative will contact you: