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As an owner or accounting and financial manager for a single or multi-location restaurant, you may know that bad accounting practices play a major part of why 25% of restaurants close or sell within the first year.

If you are reading this article, then you are one of the select few who wants to gain insight to ensure every step is taken to keep your restaurant on track for success. If you are a new or, have been in business for years, selecting the right restaurant accountant can be the most important decision you make in securing the success of your restaurant.

What does it look like behind the scenes in your business? Do all the pieces of your restaurant financials flow? If not, it could be functioning like the below image.

Disconnected Restaurant Business

The team at Trusted CFO Solutions understands the restaurant business and can help transform your accounting structure from chaos to order optimizing your accounting structure. This structure could be a critical factor in your success.

With a system that offers real-time, orderly data and information that transforms chaos to order, and delivers actionable insights to help you effectively run your company you set a foundation for success.

restaurant table

Are you doing financial reporting the right way? If you are considering or are operating your business by hand and on paper, you might eventually fall into the 25% mentioned above. Running with our digitally and cloud-based system will add value to your company. When you need to pull a report for the insight of where your business financially stands, a few touches of a button versus papers, calculators and hours of time, make more sense for any business owner. Leveraging our system you can quickly learn if you have the financial margin to increase payroll, add that new “one thing” to change the way people enjoy dining with you or simply give yourself peace of mind knowing you are well in the green.

We have a proven track record of helping clients create the strategies, infrastructure, and standardized processes needed to run successful, scalable leading-edge companies.

Our team delivers financial advice, optimizes key business practices and empowers management to devote more time to business and the things that matter most. How would your business and personal life improve if you had a successful system to meet your business accounting needs? Are you taking every step to ensure your restaurant is a streamlined success?

Restaurant Success - Streamlined Operations

Trusted CFO Solutions offers a solution with a Restaurant Success Series to help you succeed.

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