Trusted CFO Solution’s Guide to Sage Intacct COVID-19 Resources

It may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. We want you to know that Trusted CFO Solutions and Sage Intacct are committed to helping you and your business emerge stronger through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our TCFOS COVID-19 Task Force put together this guide from Sage Intacct’s great resources to help you save time and be a stronger business.

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How Much Time Does Your Technology Software Company Spend Doing Manual Input Of Recognized And Deferred Revenue?

If you are the CEO or CFO of a software as a service company, you know much of your revenue recognition and deferred revenue management is done manually. When it comes to subscription software, you sit on multiple small payments, and the manual input to Excel or other manual process creates a significant labor cost related to your accounting and sales staff.

Because you work with numerous types of customers in various industries, a lot of manual handovers leaves you less time to analyze or build future products. Our experience shows manual input is one of the most significant challenges for software companies. By streamlining and automating that process, you gain a substantial return to your company.

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11 Reasons To Outsource Your Back Office

Business operations are undergoing a sea change of disruption caused by many factors.

First, globalization has created markets and demand for almost all products purchased online and delivered by global systems to anywhere for anyone.

Second, labor skills and costs are now distributed around the world, so customer support and administrative activities are now performed by a qualified and educated workforce around the world.

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