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“Renewed Understanding Of How To Manage Costs, Balance The Myriad Needs Of The Business, And Ultimately Create More Profit”

Ryan Pernice is the Founder of R.O. (Reckless Optimism) Hospitality Group – Table & Main, a Southern tavern and bourbon bar and Osteria Mattone, a neighborhood restaurant serving Regional Italian Cuisine with a focus on Roman fare both restaurants in the heart of Roswell.

Deborah Schwartz Griffin, TCFOS VP of Strategic Business Development cultivated a relationship with Ryan when he was working with the Castellucci Restaurant Group and years later through the Georgia Restaurant Association.

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Meeting for coffee with Ryan in May, 2016 at Table & Main, Ryan shared his need to develop his management team in such a way as to increase their understanding of the meaning behind the numbers when reviewing their company P & L and how important this is in the role each of them plays at both restaurants. After working with Trusted CFO Solutions, Ryan had the following to say.

“I approached Trusted CFO Solutions for support in educating my management team on using the P&L as an operational tool. I spend a lot of time reviewing financial statements with our ops teams, but I felt like I’d exhausted my ability to teach from that document myself. I needed another way to bring fresh perspective and highlight just how valuable – indeed, vital – the P&L is in running the business, not merely as a reporting tool. Steve and his team spent weeks preparing a “deep dive” lesson that was tailored to our specific needs. After a day of presentations and small-group discussions, our team took a renewed understanding of how to manage costs, balance the myriad needs of the business, and ultimately create more profit.” – Ryan Pernice, Reckless Optimism Hospitality Group

Soon Ryan will open his third restaurant with brother Daniel Pernice, Co-Owner and Beverage Director, “Coalition Food and Beverage”- American wood-fired classics in the Fall 2017 in Alpharetta.

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