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[ The Problem ]

As a CEO or CFO in the Technology Software industry, you service numerous types of customers in numerous types of industries who purchase annual and monthly recurring software subscriptions and licenses. Often you are sitting on multiple small payments because your accounting team records the many pieces of that revenue manually in Excel. When manual processes are involved in just about anything, it usually takes longer, and the process is error-prone. That creates a significant labor cost to your company to process.

You and your accounting team spend 10’s of hours gathering and inputting the information for your reports. You collect all the data for your reports, but your manual system lacks the capacity for deferred revenue management, and you have accounting reports that are disconnected from the operational part of your Tech Software business. The result? Revenue leakage and churn.

For your company to capture all revenue data, scale, and make your accounting team more productive to do analysis, it’s crucial for you to have the capacity to streamline your information, with real-time access, and visibility to all your revenue information.

How Well Does Your Current Financial Solution Serve You and Your Technology Team?

  • Automatic subscription billings, renewals, and revenue accounting so you can eliminate invoicing missteps and stay in compliance with customer contracts and revenue recognition guidelines?
  • Eliminating manual data reentry using an accounting system that integrated with your other applications?
  • Quickly creating customized essential reports?
  • Real-Time data access?
  • Automatic financial processes and real-time reporting?

Your Net Result

You and your accounting team are tired of working on weekends. With the 10’s of hours spent on gathering data from numerous Excel spreadsheets and the work to implement that data into your reports, your company loses valuable time.

You, as the CEO or CFO, ask yourself how your accounting system is going to scale. Manual processes of collecting revenue data open the door for financials to be error-prone. In addition to revenue leakage and churn, manual data entry is one of the leading causes of failure to comply with the GAPP and industry standard accounting rules required for software companies.

Manually tracked data equals

Is there a better way to do all this manual work?

[ Your Solution ]

Trusted CFO Solutions offers you a steering wheel and dashboard with a collaborative type of environment to help you and your team learn and understand how to do things better. Our team helps you get your accounting reports connected to the operational side of your business eliminating fragmentation.

By partnering with Trusted CFO Solutions, your software company has an easy way to streamline and connect your data, attain compliance, increase accuracy in monthly reporting, faster monthly closes, and freedom of time so you can do what you do best, analyze.

The Time & Money Saved Is REAL! Just Ask Linda.

Instead of Taking TWO Weeks For Entering, Cutting, & Sending 3,000 Checks Linda & Her Team Now Resolve It In ONE Day

“I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful! They help me understand what we’re trying to do. Anytime I have a question, if they don’t know, they will get that information for me.” - Linda MCcue

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