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Innovate Forward #1: Sage Intacct Collaborate Enables Critical & Relevant Cloud-Based Accounting Communication

INNOVATE FORWARD #1 by Dixie McCurleyClick here to view all episodes.

The Power of Sage Intacct Collaborate — Communicate & Track Relevant Insights and Information Where Data & Reports Reside

The most pressing topic in a virtual and fragmented world is real-time and relevant communication. Sage Intacct facilitates this clarity with its Collaborate features.

Similar to Salesforce Chatter, this Sage Intacct included component allows for interactive chatting on the account from the orders to invoices. All done within the system, this tool becomes a much more effective communication medium compared to back-and-forth emails or text messages. As users post their communications, they can easily tag the people relevant to the message and the information stays connected to the area of Sage Intacct for future reference or review by other team members not originally engaged in the conversation.

Sage Intacct Collaborate prevents the countless one-on-one conversations that are often not remembered while also eliminating wasted communication along the way. Minimize and eliminate the repetitive instructions and insights by collectively using this communication component.

What Clients Are Seeking From Their Financial Advising Business Partners

Clients want to be trained in their partner’s thought process and to witness these insights. The Sage Intacct Collaborate feature facilitates this process while allowing us to ask the client questions while also responding in context.

This record-keeping audit trail eliminates confusion where clarity and decisiveness are essential. No more checking email or repeatedly asking advisors answers to these questions. The relevant data is within the source of record in one spot, and that leads to 75% efficiency of communication.

As our pandemic world drives more virtual and remote working, this type of collaboration is more important than ever. Before when people had a question they’d get up and walk to the person with advice, something that’s no longer necessary (or always available in a pandemic world).

One of our core tenets in outsourcing is that our clients feel like we are just a shout down the hall so we encouraged them to connect with us, however (email, text, phone, or messenger) it was easiest for them. With this collaboration communication function, they can have this same connection while also recording the questions and answers in a relevant way for future reference by them or others. 

This prevents long email chains where half the people included are not hyper-relevant to knowing the information. And it prevents starting an entirely new email thread solving the previously solved problem all over again. Sage Intacct Collaborate creates the relevant documentation on the source record.

What Sage Intacct Users Are Able To Benefit From This Function?

All Sage Intacct users get access to this function immediately. If they’re tech-savvy, they can jump in and start using it right away. For everyone else, we’ll take them through training modules and share the related videos on how to get the most of the communication tool. Adoption and new habits take time, but as our clients experience the benefits and we model it for them, they embrace its use.

Trusted CFO Solutions engages with clients in an ongoing process to teach, train, mode, and encourage collaboration use. We use this form of communication first instead of leaning on other traditional channels. 

Improving Communication During Crisis

The Pandemic had our phone ringing off the hook with questions. While we were not prepared for the influx, it gave us the opportunity to transition our clients towards fully engaged use of our ERP’s communication system. Leveraging Sage Intacct’s tools have allowed us to navigate the crisis internally and with our clients more effectively.

And, while Sage Intacct Collaborate is powerful, we also use it in tandem with Microsoft Teams, and our support ticket system to effectively monitor and respond to incoming inquiries. It’s been important to leverage these remote support solutions so we can serve our clients with excellence.

This seamless and digital connection and communication system have been the vision of Trusted CFO Solutions from early on, but the pandemic has accelerated the process of using these tools and integrating them with our client teams. Clients in growth or pivot mode gain the efficiency benefits of evolving their business for the new business paradigm.

Sage Intacct Collaborate Is A Competitive Advantage

By leveraging effective communication tools, your team’s efficiency will grow as you cut duplicate efforts. This extra time will deliver the capacity to handle outstanding and overflow issues.

While we’ve spoken often of a trend towards prominent use of outsourcing over the next five years, we’re now seeing this shift happening dramatically due to the pandemic. What was going to take five years is now going to happen over the next twelve months as companies adapt to the new paradigm.

Tools — like Quickbooks. Great Plains, or Microsoft Dynamics — lacking collaboration features and are not cloud-based will force people into spreadsheets and inefficient models of communication that lead to lots of manual steps, errors, and wasted time. Even these desktop tools that attempt to create cloud-based interfaces are no match for cloud originated systems like Sage Intacct which runs circles around these legacy systems. While these systems played a role when they were first created, they will also drag modern-day companies to their grave.

Ready For The New World?

Modern-day business challenges are now exasperated by the pandemic and other crises. The health crisis in our world is going to force changes like never before. Companies are looking at insights and make decisions they never had to deal with.

For example:

  • Rehiring people they laid off because of the shelter-in-place orders and subsequent economic devastation.
  • Unexpected cash infusions from government programs and the forgiveness tracking required.
  • How long the company has until it runs out of money as a way to effectively navigate the crisis.

The pandemic is forcing us to look at and do things differently than ever before. Shifting to digital environments with strong collaboration helps increase efficiency right out of the gate, usually about fifty percent.

With this newfound time, staff can do things their technology supports, and that is not driven by being overburdened with legacy systems not designed for an all-digital era. Companies that stick with legacy systems during this time run the risk that their competitors will adapt and gain a large advantage.

Businesses that made the transition before the pandemic were ready when it hit and faced fewer hiccups along the transition path. Their sales are growing because they were ready. Companies that traveled to offices and didn’t have a virtual presence are still sitting on the sidelines figuring out how to do it remotely.

Companies that have not transitioned need to make it happen. Sage Intacct Collaborate is another reason to do so.

Innovate Forward Collaborate Infographic

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