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Why You Should Choose Trusted CFO Solutions As Your Restaurant Accounting Partner

Running your restaurant is time-consuming and every minute counts. We get it and this is why we leverage tools, processes, and people to give you time back, alleviate stress and help you accomplish your financial goals. Don’t get stuck surviving as a restaurant, instead find out how you can take your business to the next level. And, we can help.

Run by experienced experts, Trusted CFO Solutions is an outsourced financial and operational reporting firm. We are a unique partner for restaurants due to our experience and specialization. Our client’s industries include hospitality, franchising, foodservice, and distribution. The TCFOS team takes the burden away from the restaurant owner adding an expert to the team based on pain points, providing owners and managers more time to run the business. We help our restaurateur clients interpret, respond to, and plan for all situations their business will encounter. We coach owners on finance and managing through measured results and customize our services to the restaurateur’s unique needs.

Specific Ways We’re Set Apart

We believe in having an emphasis on operational strategy planning through measurement & management. We help operators translate data into information they can understand, and we create insights that move them towards action with the implementation of their strategic plan.  We act as your profitability and business building coach, and our team is committed to being both an accounting service provider and advisory resource to help operators make better decisions with real-time and accurate information as well as operational analytics to accelerate their growth and enhance profitability.

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Trusted CFO is an Outsourced Financial and Operational Reporting Firm Run by Experienced Experts

  • We take the burden off owners to hire, train, supervise, equip, and maintain accountants to prepare financials.
  • We remove the burden from managers to prepare operational metrics and reports.
  • Our service adds team members trained in operations, finance, and strategic planning to build your business.
  • We assist owners in dealing with banks, investors, franchisors/sees, and add training dimension to your team.
  • Our activities also include profitability coaching for managers.

Trusted CFO Simplifies and Empowers Your Business

  • Employing accounting professionals to maintain stores’ financial records.
  • Coach owners on finance and managing through measured results.
  • Using existing data from POS and other systems to analyze performance and plan changes.
  • Help owners interpret, react to, and plan for all situations their business will encounter.
  • Catch credit card fraud, employee theft, and hidden credits from vendors.

All of this is done in the cloud using our expertise, and latest technologies. By removing the burden, adding an expert to your team, and giving you more time to run the business is what owners truly want. And, it’s what we give them.

The Process is Defined and Fees are Controlled

We know how important it is to maintain visibility and control over expenses. This is why working with us is predictable and clear from the get-go.

Assessment and Design

  1. Our inquiry process identifies your current process, procedures, reporting, and timeliness of completion.
  2. We define specific reports needed by your operators.
  3. Working together results in a plan to implement systems and procedures.
  4. We’ll outline a plan to implement processes, reports, and analysis.
  5. Yes, we’ll define a fee schedule for services.

Implementation Process

  1. Install financial reporting platform.
  2. Run initial transactions and get feedback.
  3. Train staff on new efficient business processes.
  4. Assist owner-manager in reporting needs and creating initial dashboards.

Ongoing Services

  • Fixed monthly fee.
  • Virtual and in-person meetings defined with feedback and analysis on a periodic basis.
  • Engagement manager meets with and counsels management on finance, profitability, and planning issues to enable financial discipline within the company.

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It’s The Transformative Results That Matter Most

Numerous restaurant clients have allowed us to present best practices to them, and we were able to quickly see things that could have cost exceedingly more than necessary. We can turn it all around so that it works in their favor before it becomes a time bomb.

One of our restaurant clients was losing money at one of their locations. Their other four sites were producing a profit. Through our process, we turned it around in the 4th quarter of 2017, and we put $100,000 back into their pocket. We were able to diagnose, show them the areas of loss, and provide a five-step action plan to turn this new client’s business around.

We are not a company that only reports the numbers. We give our clients advice and guidance on where they can make significant changes and improvements to help them grow and watch the performance of their business.

This is why you should consider working together. If you want to explore how we can help you grow your multi-unit restaurant, click here.


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