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“I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful! They help me understand what we’re trying to do. Anytime I have a question, if they don’t know, they will get that information for me.”

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Linda McCue Testimonial: Simpson Organization: Real Estate Investment Firm
Video Summary:Explore how Sage Intacct and our financial management systems transformed the Simpson Organization’s process for managing and optimizing their finances in the video or written interview below.

There are a lot of moving pieces in the real estate business, especially within the finance departments. Linda McCue of Simpson Organization knows all too much about the struggles of slow and manual processes that comes with working on an outdated accounting system. In this interview, she describes how switching to Sage Intacct has not only helped her with her work, but also improving her own personal growth. Read more about it in her conversation with Trusted CFO, a Sage Intacct partner.

Trusted CFO Solutions: Hi Linda – thank you so much for taking the time to sit with us. Would you mind starting off by introducing yourself and what Simpson Organization is?

Linda: Hi, my name is Linda McCue, I’m an investment accountant. I work for the Simpson Organization in Atlanta, Georgia. The Simpson Organization is a real estate investment firm; we deal with thousands of investors and purchase properties, real estate, and then develop it. We manage properties, office, retail, mixed, and self-storages. We’ve been around since 1980 and just keep growing and growing.

Trusted CFO Solutions: What types of problems or challenges were you running in to with your previous accounting solution?

Linda: In the past, when the controller would request a report on just one entity within the fund, we had to run several reports, export it over to Excel, break it down, sift through the information…it took a very long time. Working for a real estate investment company, we cut thousands of distribution checks for investors. In the past when we had to do bank reconciliations, it took almost all day. We had to go in manually and check that each one had cleared, and there were several that had not cleared. So we’d have to start the process all over again.

Trusted CFO Solutions: Wow, that sounds tedious!

Linda: Trust me, it was.

Trusted CFO Solutions: So it was time for you to switch to a more sophisticated system…now that you’re running on Sage Intacct, how have things changed?

Linda: A lot – I think that Sage Intacct has improved the fact that we have been able to set up all of our vendors in one place, all of our general ledgers are in one place. That just makes all of our processes run so much faster than our previous software solution.

Switching to Sage Intacct has honestly allowed me to improve my own personal growth because of the efficiency. Doors have been opened for me to learn more about the company and I’m able to do more analysis. I’m now able to get more

involved in the actual financial part of the funds and it has really helped me understand and see the whole picture.

Trusted CFO Solutions: That’s so great to hear. What has working with Trusted CFO been like?

Linda: If I had to describe in one word what Trusted CFO Solutions has done for me, I’d have to say confidence. They’ve given me the ability to believe in myself. They’ve been very encouraging and have really almost held my hand through the hard times when I was just ready to give up. So I really, really appreciate it.

I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful. The employees that work for Trusted CFO Solutions are so understanding, they’re patient, and they help me understand what we’re trying to do.

Trusted CFO Solutions: You don’t know how happy that makes us! To wrap up, how would you describe Sage Intacct to a coworker that doesn’t know about the software yet?

Linda: If I had to describe Sage Intacct to a fellow coworker I would have to let them know how much of a timesaver Sage Intacct would be for her entity or her properties. The time it cuts on entering invoices, cutting checks, entering journal entries, it’s phenomenal. And I absolutely love it.

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