Emerge Stronger With Trusted CFO Solutions — A Win-Win-Win Partnership Program

Trusted CFO Solutions Team

The Trusted CFO Solutions team is prepared to serve your customers beyond your offering scope.

Here is how we’re helping customers emerge stronger from this crisis, and how we can partner to serve your customers and contacts the same way.

  • CARES Act Planning & Application Support
  • Forgivable & Disaster Loan Support
  • Additional Financial Assistance Options

You Benefit From A Favorable Profit Sharing Program During This Time Of Financial Uncertainty

We Work Together To Promote This COVID-19 Financial Assistance Offering To Your Clients

  • Set up a landing page for you to refer and track customers you send our way.
  • Work together to help you create and send an email campaign to this landing page.
  • Provide other additional resources to send your contacts and clients to the landing page via social media and direct emails.

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