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Make Financial Management Of A Ten-Entity Business Easy: Sage Intacct + Trusted CFO Solutions

Sage Intacct interviewed our client Tan Tam, the VP of accounting for RESICAP, a single source real estate company that helps property owners buy, renovate, sell, and lease single-family homes. Tan shared, in the following video, RESICAP’s QuickBooks use as their company experienced unprecedented growth.

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Instead Of Watching Tan Share, READ Below What He Has To Say

The thing I like best about Sage Intacct is the robustness, and scalability of the product. This strength was not there with Quickbooks. 

I’m Tan Tam, VP of Accounting, and I work for Resicap (The leading vertically integrated solution for institutional owners of single-family residential assets).  

When I joined Resicap in October 2016, we were using Quickbooks. And as we grew in 2017 to now, we realized Quickbooks was not the solution for us going forward. Within two years time, our company grew from fifty employees, when I joined, to eight-hundred plus employees. Because of this growth, we outgrew Quickbooks. 

Experienced Partners To Aid Your Transition

We chose Sage Intacct. We saw it as a much more user-friendly product.

We had looked at NetSuite, but we realized when we were talking with Trusted CFO Solutions (TCFOS), the level of detail, planning, and execution were more robust than the Netsuite partner we talked with. TCFOS provided product knowledge but actually used the product as well.

And that’s important because, after implementation, we actually sought their help to be at our office, help answer our questions, and teach us how to use the software. 

Robust And Thorough Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct helps me (VP of Accounting) streamline our financial reporting. Before, with Quickbooks, and a ten entity business, we had to manually download and consolidate everything in Excel.

We are now at a point where we can run a report on our financials in one place.

Automate Complex Financial Processes

I’m able to take some of the time saved from the manual process and work it into automating and finding efficiency throughout accounting, and our business operation.

I’ve started using the dashboards to have monthly meetings with the executives to go through financials. This access also allows them to log in, look at their dashboard, and see our numbers on a real-time basis. 

Sage Intacct is a tool that allows me the flexibility to do things I would have never thought I could. And, it makes my job a lot easier.

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Outgrowing Quickbooks?

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