Webinar: How Medical Practices Can Leverage Sage Intacct To Quickly Grow & Profit

This webinar has been canceled due to the Coronavirus crisis. If you’d like to see a private presentation, please contact us directly.

Watch this webinar about how a growing medical practice with multiple locations can effectively leverage Sage Intacct as they acquire and merge to accelerate scaling efforts.

Webinar Summary


Are you planning to grow — with acquisitions and mergers — your medical practice? You’ll need this essential system for effectively scaling up. In this webinar, we’ll explore your health practice systems and the solutions to help take it to the highest level of success.

Sage Intacct is built for data-driven, growing healthcare organizations, and is helping organizations thrive in an industry experiencing exceptional change.

Webcast Agenda

In this webinar, hosted by Dixie McCurley, you’ll explore the following five facets of your medical practice and understand what’s holding your growth back.

  1. Dramatically Improving Month-End-Close Efficiency
  2. The Power Of Consolidated Reporting
  3. Speedy Cash Recording
  4. Transforming Clerks To Analysts
  5. Leveraging Systems For Growth<

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