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Trusted CFO Solutions Announces our Newest Partnership with GetLinked® Financial Integration Software!

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Why Did We Partner with GetLinked®?

At Trusted CFO Solutions, we build and maintain a thriving external financial department for your business where you receive a higher performing, lower cost financial team, and virtual CFO.

Our goal is to help you have stronger, more accurate business financials without costing you more time and money. We believe Sage Intacct, is the best, most efficient financial tool to manage your Restaurant, Franchises, Family Office, or Oilfield Services businesses.

When we learned about the features and benefits of GetLinked®, and it’s integration with Sage Intacct, we knew we had to investigate. We learned of the value this software could add to many of our client’s businesses. After testing and referring several of our clients to the low-cost, cloud-friendly, GetLinked® software, the results were outstanding.

In The Trusted CFO Solutions style of doing business, we elected to partner with GetLinked® software so we could provide our clients with another strong financial tool that will maximize their time and money.

How Can GetLinked® Help Our Clients?

If you are a CFO or manager of a Restaurant, Franchise(s), Family Office, or Oilfield Services business, you know financial systems and payroll services are key.

The GetLinked Software has many features and benefits to help you grow the business.


  • Low Cost
  • Calculations
  • Translation Engine
  • Data Validation
  • Batch Import and Transfer
  • Pre-configured Links
  • Cloud Friendly


  • Automated Processing
  • Error Reductions
  • Lower Costs
  • Information When You Need It
  • Flexibility
  • Low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)
  • Internal Control

In addition, GetLinked® software is modular, meaning you can purchase elements that are applicable specifically to your business. The software is easily integrated into the Sage Intacct Financial Software and provides our clients freedom from doing endless data entry and keeping their focus on providing customers with a great meal and experience.

When our clients implement GetLinked®, they have the satisfaction of bringing their business into the twenty-first century and watching automatic and error-free payroll processing and daily sales transactions.

How Can I Learn More?

If you are ready to save hours of data entry each week and watch your payroll processing and daily sales transactions go automatic and error-free, enter your information below and we will contact you or click here to go directly to the link to learn about how GetLinked® can save you time, money, and headaches in your business.

Who knows, you might decide you want to open another location!

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    Outgrowing Quickbooks?

    Say goodbye to spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations and start using a cloud-based financial management system.

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