Sage Intacct is the Only Profitable Solution for Your Family Office And Real Estate Investment Fund

[ The Problem ]

As your Real Estate Investment Fund Portfolio increases, you may find you’ve outgrown the limits of Yardi™ or other industry-specific solutions. Does your current financial solution offer you and your staff the following?

  • Consolidating 100's of entities in real-time?
  • Delivering new dashboards with no extra software or IT support?
  • Combining financial and operational metrics?
  • Cloud native from day one?
  • The AICPA preferred financial management solution?

Our Sage Intacct integrated accounting software eliminates complexity regardless of the diversity or scale of assets under management (AUM). Reduce churn, streamline planning cycles, and improve business intelligence capabilities.

In Fact, You’ve Probably Thought About One of The Following Pain Points

  • Monthly reporting takes 10s and sometimes 100s of hours (growth)
  • It is impossible to go back and track why certain decisions were made (Risk)
  • The cost of using a non-GAAP Accounting solution (i.e. Quickbooks) (Cost)
  • Multiple entities and data bases (Time)

Your Net Result

You’re spending more financial resources and time to separate your personal and business financials than you are using it to drive your business forward.

[ Your Solution ]

Recording transfers between funds or investors has never been so quick and easy.

We know how to structure Sage Intacct to get it to work with family offices and real estate investments. We increase system functionality because we understand how every transaction should be recorded no matter who is looking at it, the investor, the banks, or the real estate properties. Normally, accounting staff has to record things in five places.

With Sage INTACCT, you record it once and it automatically goes where it needs to go. It is extremely efficient and real time. With Sage INTACCT you can track and see where money is recorded and it lands on both sets of books. We found a million dollars for one of our clients in 2016 as we moved all their personal financial information into Sage Intacct and reconciled it to the real estate investment fund. With Sage Intacct that all goes away.

If any of the items listed below fall in alignment with your business goals, Sage Intacct is Your Solution. I don’t think anyone has ever done what we just did for our Real Estate Investment Fund companies.

  • Grow AUM and expand your fund portfolio without the need to add staff
  • Reduce your chart of accounts from thousands to just hundreds
  • Sharing payments, receivables and check cutting for the operating companies
  • Utilization of the shared management company infrastructure
  • Reduce costs associated with the on-premises financial system
  • Full GAAP compliance
  • Personal financials and business financials are never connected.
  • Automatically simplify complex multi-entity consolidations and streamline AUM accounting
  • Shared dimensional chart of accounts reduces churn and wasted time
  • Easily manage global accounting processes based on current and future regulatory requirements with a single version of truth

The Benefits Are REAL! Just Ask Linda.

Instead of Taking TWO Weeks For Entering, Cutting, & Sending 3,000 Checks Linda & Her Team Now Resolve It In ONE Day

“I love Trusted CFO Solutions. They have been so helpful! They help me understand what we’re trying to do. Anytime I have a question, if they don’t know, they will get that information for me.” - Linda MCcue

[ With Sage Intacct You Can ]

  • Say good-bye to spreadsheets
  • Eliminate the manual spreadsheet work and journal entries that overwhelm the finance team
  • Eliminate the spreadsheet work for consolidated financial statements
  • Eliminate manual data reentry using an accounting system that integrates with other applications Improve reporting
  • Quickly create the customized reports needed
  • Easily drill down from top-level results all the way to individual transactions
  • Manage multiple entities within one system
  • View role-based dashboards that serve up the right information, at the right time, to the right stakeholders
  • Gain access, anytime, anywhere for any location
  • Securely access Intacct when you’re away from your desk
  • Use any web browser to get the data you need - any place, any time, on any device

Sage Intacct is the only cloud accounting system chosen by the AICPA that allows CFOs to shift from a quarterly reporting process to a continuous consolidation and drill-down process enabling data-driven decisions across holding and operating companies.

Our solution is the perfect fit for Family Offices with real estate investments. Now it's up to you to take advantage of this opportunity.

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