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Family Office and Real Estate Investment Funds: Streamline Your Financials

You can start now with Sage Intacct, the only profitable solution for your Family Office or Real Estate Investment FundsAt Trusted CFO Solutions, we know how to structure Sage Intacct to get it to work for you.

What does it look like at your Family Office? Do all the transactions get recorded once and land where they are supposed to and in real time? Does it look like the image below?

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Recording Transfers Between Funds Or Investors Has Never Been So Quick & Easy.

With Sage Intacct, financials are recorded once, automatically go to the right place, and land on both sets of books. Whether it is the banker, investor or real estate property owner, access is available anytime, anywhere, at any location. Your money can be seen and tracked because every transaction is in real time.

After moving one of our client’s financials into Sage Intacct in 2016, and reconciling the personal and business financials, we found ONE MILLION DOLLARS. With Sage Intacct, your financial operations improve, and that possibility no longer exists. The Sage Intacct solution eliminates manual data entry and spreadsheets, quickly creates customized reports, manages multiple entities in one system, and offers a role-based dashboard with access even when away from your desk.

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Sage Intacct is the solution for your Family Office with real estate investments. Are you ready to invest less time and money to separate your personal and business financials and spend more time focused on driving your business forward? Sage Intacct is the only cloud accounting system chosen by the AICPA and is the perfect solution to help your Family Office succeed.

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