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“I’m excited to be partnering with Dixie McCurley and Trusted CFO Solutions to help companies get the essential financial assistance needed to endure the Coronavirus crisis. Fill out the form below to begin exploring your financial assistance options.”

– Dennis Bridges, E. Dennis Bridges, CPA

Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Inquire About Disaster Financial Assistance

Strengthen Your Business During This Crisis

Trusted CFO Solutions Team

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The 5 Step Process

TCFOS has a 5-step process to provide assistance, even if you have already submitted an application to your bank or other financial lender.

This process consists of:

  • Step 1: Provide your contact information below so that TCFOS can contact you for a free consultation
  • Step 2: Schedule Free Consultation
  • Step 3: After your consultation, determine if one of the three service options TCFOS is offering is appropriate for your needs

Option 1

CARES Act Planning

Applications, Payroll Tax Deferral, & Credits.

Option 2

Forgivable AND Disaster Loan

10k Three Day Advance & Up To $2M

Option 3

Forgivable OR Disaster Loan

2.5x Monthly Payroll Up to $10M

The Process Continued

  • Step 4: Submit your documentation via their secure portal
  • Step 5: TCFOS takes control and submits (if applicable) and monitors your application

As TCFOS is monitoring the current developments in disaster aid and working with numerous clients and banks, they are in a unique position to assist clients in the submission and monitoring of applications.

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Step 1: Inquire About Financial Assistance For Your Business

Don’t Take The Risk Of Doing It Yourself, Let Us Help You Financially Strengthen Your Business.


The Small Business Administration is giving businesses affected by COVID-19 $8,000,000,000 and a maximum for $2,000,000 per company.

Trusted CFO Solutions is helping companies to navigate the challenges in applying for and receiving these funds.

Enter your information below to learn how to take the next steps and obtain relief while avoiding the numerous errors we’re seeing with those who apply on their own.