Coronavirus (COVID-19) Forgiveness Planning & Forecasting

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Now that you’ve applied for financial relief lending through the CARES Act, are you now wondering any of the following questions?

  • Can I get the loan forgiven?
  • How much of the loan can I get forgiven?
  • Do I have the proper documentation to prove our forgiveness eligibility? And if I do, how do I deliver to the SBA and lender?
  • What do I do if the SBA and lender start asking questions I can’t answer?
  • How do I address cash flow issues and determine which expenses are best to eliminate?
  • How long can our business survive if this crisis lasts an extended period of time? How do I budget accordingly?
  • And who can I talk to get my questions and concerns answered?

Let Trusted CFO Solutions Alleviate Your Anxiety!

“Dixie, Lee, Taylor, and the entire team at Trusted CFO Solutions have been great to work with and a wonderful resource during this pandemic. Their assistance has been invaluable. We are grateful to have access to the knowledge of their entire team.”

– Robbie, Slim Studios

With Two Solutions (Forgiveness Planning & The +Covid-19 Forecast) We’ll Help You Emerge Stronger From The Crisis

Trusted CFO Solutions Team

The Trusted CFO Solutions Team Is Ready To Serve

What You’ll Receive Forgiveness Planning + Covid-19 Forecast
Forgiveness Planning For The Paycheck Protection Program
Determine The Total Amount You Can Get Forgiven Based On Your Situation
Proactive Planning For Disbursements And Ensuring Proper Documentation
Forgivable Package Deliverable For The Lender & SBA To Review
Assistance In Addressing Responses From The SBA & Lenders
Plan To Address Negative Profit, Cash Hitting Zero, No Access To Credit
Cash Management Plan To Determine Which Expenses To Cut & Keep
Forecasting & Budgeting To Make A Plan To Survive COVID-19
Three Hours Of 1-on-1 Consulting With A Member Of The Leadership Team

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