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Sage Intacct Client Satisfaction Survey Results: 6 Outcomes That Matter Most [Infographic]

In 2020 our National Partner, Sage Intacct, conducted an independent survey with our existing clients. The survey results are the outcome of an 80 percent client response rate. Here is what we discovered.

  • We value our clients and believe how we serve them today directly impacts the trust and longevity of our working relationship and future referrals.
  • We provide Virtual CFO Services to the Restaurant, Wealth Management, Family Office, SaaS, Franchises, and Oilfield Services Industries. 
  • The Infographic below contains our score on the six outcomes that matter most to our clients.

Client Satisfaction Survey Infographic

Click on the survey image or here to download your free copy of the Client Satisfaction Infographic.

What This Means For Our Clients

It is our goal to provide the highest level of service to all our clients. The outcome of this survey conducted independently by Sage Intacct, transparently reveals how our clients see the team at Trusted CFO serving them. 

Below are the Questions and Answers to the 6 Outcomes That Matter Most:

How likely would you be to recommend TCFOS to colleagues if you were in a position to do so?

  • 90% of our clients will recommend Trusted CFO Solutions

What is the degree to which you feel TCFOS really understands my job and needs?

  • 90% of our clients responded that TCFOS understands their business. 

What is the overall quality of the services provided by TCFOS?

  • 93% is the score we received on the quality of services we provide our clients.

Are you satisfied with the overall contribution of TCFOS Services in helping you be more successful?

  • 93% of our clients responded yes to TCFOS helping them be more successful.

How likely would you be to recommend the wat TCFOS manages your account?

  • 90% of our clients will recommend our model of account management.

Are you satisfied with the process for installing, implementing, and configuring Sage Intacct or your business?

  • 93% of our clients are satisfied with the TCFOS Implementation.

Wrapping Up 

We are thankful to see we’re delivering services in a manner that our clients are satisfied. Additionally, the infographic gives us greater understanding and clarity of where can continue to close the gap towards perfection for new engagements.

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