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The Authentic Advisory Podcast With Dixie McCurley: Advisory Technology for Professional Service Firms

In November 2020, Dixie McCurley, Co-Founder, and President of Trusted CFO Solutions was a guest of James Mason, host of The Authentic Advisor Podcast Series and Managing Director of Mindshop. 

In this podcast, Dixie shares insights she’s gained over the past decade and reveals critical keys to her success in the area of virtual CFO services. You will also hear from her about real-time metrics, key applications, and how to avoid implementation pitfalls.

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Real-Time Reports, Weekly Recommendations, & The Power of Partnership —Succulent Hospitality Narrative Case Study

Trusted CFO Solutions specializes in working with restaurant groups. One of our wonderful clients, Succulent Hospitality, shares below about their experience working with us and how that’s helped them strengthen and grow their business.

Succulent Hospitality houses three restaurants in the Atlanta area: Hammocks Trading Company, Under the Cork Tree, and Prime 120.

From their own words below, you’ll discover how we’ve helped the owners save time through real-time visibility reporting that shifts the burden from top-down leadership to a state where all leaders and managers know the same numbers and can act accordingly. We also discuss how Trusted CFO Solutions leverages the power of Sage Intacct to deliver the data with relevant recommendations on a weekly basis. It’s a favored engagement that has evolved into a powerful business partnership.

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What Is Financial Consolidation And How Can It Help My Portfolio of Businesses?

Are you still working with Quickbooks and Excel spreadsheets, emailing back and forth, with countless employees working late to finish month-end financial reports only to find all the numbers changed the following morning? What about those problems you’ve had when finding errors weeks later?

Are all the companies in your business portfolio cobbled and thrown together, making it difficult to know the health of your companies? By the time you’re ready to pivot the company, are your reports already dated?

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