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A Quick Recap Of The Last Five Years At Trusted CFO Solutions

Trusted CFO Solutions, LLC is celebrating its 5 year anniversary in 2016!

dixie-mccurley-2stephen-grossIt was 2011 and Dixie McCurley met Steve Gross for the first time. As the introductory meeting progressed, they realized how much they had in common as they finished each other’s sentences. Innovation, love of technology, passion for helping clients and both teachers at heart were a few of the core values that sparked their professional connection.

At the time, Dixie was in the process of starting a new company to renovate corporate accounting departments, and Steve was selling his shares of HLB Gross Collins to his partners to do more financial advisory consulting work. Their similar goals and values began to brew ideas for starting a new business venture together. Out of their kinetic brainstorming came the idea for a new company that would help other businesses grow.  Trusted CFO Solutions would not focus on tax returns and audits but instead would begin to create the ideal accounting department for their clients’ daily accounting operations.

They both wanted success, but they wanted to accomplish it by truly helping business owners reach their goals. Out of this ideation came the brand you know as Trusted CFO Solutions. It would become the resource for financial guidance and reporting so business leaders could focus on growing their company.

In 2011, Dixie took the lead launching the new company while Steve guided from a distance. The company quickly grew as the team achieved their goals allowing them to build out their company. With the addition of Lee Baynes, this diverse group transformed into a thriving team of financial specialists serving clients throughout the southeast and the nation.

Trusted CFO Solutions is a pioneer in the Client Accounting Services industry. Several achievements over the years have set the company apart from the competition. Now in their 5th year in business, they have realized how important it is to communicate these changes to the world with the launch of this new website and our blog.

And this is where you come in.

We’ve discovered many lessons learned along the way and we share these on our blog and email initiative.  The email series includes periodic emails that will provide you with valuable business information, tips, company updates, and many ways in which the accounting industry is rapidly changing. We believe you must stay current to operate efficiently and grow, and our goal is to help equip you to stay current.

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